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What's new in Version 1.2.0

In March 2020 the new Ioi – Integration of instruments (Version 1.2.0) will be launched, with new important functions and an entire system improvement.


There are three main innovations that bring Ioi to a wider and more sustainable level of integration:


1. Integration of instruments that generate complex reports (not only tickets)

Now, reports generated in .pdf or in print format can also be acquired by Ioi. As a result of this new feature, Ioi can be used as the single Raw Data repository for all types of systems that record “static” data, as defined by the current Data Integrity Guidelines, simplifying their archival and review in paperless mode.


2. Possibility to eliminate paper-based system logbooks

It is now possible to record any event associated with an instrument directly in the Ioi database, with the possibility to add comments about the instrument itself. This includes any incident or maintenance intervention, and avoids duplicating measure recording and calibration activities, as would occur with a paper logbook. A paper-based log book is no longer needed.


3. Monitoring of testing-into-compliance

Ioi is now able to record any printout, asking user to justify/provide a reason for measures without associated metadata (meaning and context). Partial raw data are also recorded and managed, and Ioi prompts for approval or rejection. This covers testing-into-compliance in case it is possible to force the system to print a report for any measure.


Here are the updates in detail:

  • Printer mode
    • Automatic acquisition of printouts (PDF, Images, ...) generated by instruments connected to the laboratory network.
    • Automatic acquisition of printouts (PDF, Images, ...) generated by isolated instruments and NOT connected to the laboratory network.
    • Testing-into-compliance support: every measure generated by instruments, both expected and not, is acquired by Ioi. The measures acquired, but not expected, must be justified.
  • Management of incomplete measures (with partial raw data) interrupted by the user during acquisition from the instrument
    • The ticket will only show the information acquired until the measurement is canceled.
    • Measures can be approved or rejected with justification.
  • Logbook Tool
    • Possibility to add free comments relating to the instrument.
  • Display of the last instrument verification date and its outcome when the instrument is selected for use.
  • Unique ID ticket generation based on the calendar year.
  • Improvement of the general performance of the system and its stability.
  • Improved reporting layout.


Ioi architecture



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