Ioi - Integration of instruments

The smart way to achieve pharma 4.0 and DI goals.

Ioi – Integration of instruments is an instrument integration platform with advanced functionalities (e.g. IPC) designed for Laboratory and Production business. Ioi  manages critical GxP data electronically and centrally in compliance with applicable regulations and Data Integrity.

Ioi’s your companion for digital transformation processes where competitors struggle (e.g. legacy instruments). It allows you to start digital transformation processes within contexts where the presence of legacy tools is still significant, guaranteeing the quality and integrity of the data and satisfying the need for greater efficiency and process control.


With Ioi you can:


  • Access to all tools with unique login credentials
  • Automatic acquisition of measurements and recording in a secure database
  • Association of manual notes to measurements and instruments

Review & Approve (Electronic Review)

Context-based electronic review with review flows configurable for:

  • Measurements (single, statistical, multiple)
  • IPC sessions
  • Logbook Tool
  • Audit Trail



Report & Control

  • Complete set of reports out-of-the-box from the system (measurements, collections of measurements, Instrument Logbook, Audit Trail, etc.)
  • Communication with third-party systems such as ERP, LIMS, EBR, MES ...

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From effectiveness to efficiency .. to economic benefits.


Applicability to any tool (of any brand and age)

Speed of platform implementation and integration of tools

Easy validation (GAMP 4)

Control and standardization of the process

Data Integrity Compliance

Reduction of human error

Receipts are no longer used

Automatic Instrument Logbook

Formalization of the Audit Trail review

Single Summary Report at the end of the activities

Return of investment in a short period

Time savings

Environmental sustainability

Case studies

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